Portfolio Management Service
Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a specialized financial service that offers professional management of your equity portfolio. With the help of experienced portfolio managers and stock market professionals, your portfolio is carefully managed to achieve maximum returns while minimizing risks. PMS also includes the support of a dedicated research team, ensuring that all investment decisions are well-informed and based on factual data. This service is particularly beneficial for investors who have equity portfolios in their Demat Account but find it challenging to manage them effectively. By entrusting your portfolio to PMS, you can make sound investment decisions without having to actively participate in the process. Furthermore, PMS helps you to better navigate market uncertainties and be prepared for any adverse situations that may arise.

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What are the types of portfolio management services?

There are four popular types of PMS which are explained in this section.

  • Active Portfolio Management: The portfolio manager's primary goal is to maximise returns. In the Active Portfolio Management method, the portfolio manager attempts to reduce the risk of your investments by diversifying them across asset classes, industries, and businesses. When compared to the passive style, this results in a higher turnover.

  • Passive Portfolio Management: This method focuses on fixed profiles that are in line with the current market trend. In this case, portfolio managers prefer to invest in index funds which grow passively over time with minimal intervention. They have a low turnover but offer reasonably good long-term returns.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management: The portfolio manager is entrusted with managing a specific portfolio in this method. Based on your objectives, risk tolerance, and investment duration, the manager selects an appropriate strategy that they believe is best suited to your portfolio. For example, portfolio managers may recommend equity-oriented funds to a risk-taking investor and debt-oriented funds to a risk-averse investor.

  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management: In this method, the portfolio managers advise you on investing, but the final decision is yours. Once you give the go-ahead, the portfolio managers take the appropriate action on your behalf.

What are the benefits of portfolio management services?

Some of the benefits of opting for these services are explained below.

  • Expert opinion on your investment:

    One of the primary benefits of using a Portfolio Management Service is that your investment is in the hands of professionals. The portfolio managers assigned to you are experts in their field and understand how to deal with market volatility. They will manage your portfolio efficiently and aim to increase your profit margin over time.

  • Customised investment plans:

    The portfolio managers customise investment strategies based on your financial objectives. They then modify the strategy based on your income, budget, risk tolerance, and age.

  • Efficient risk management:

    A portfolio manager's primary goal is to reduce the risk of your investment while increasing the returns. They focus on diversifying the risk involved so that you do not suffer a loss when market trends change.

  • Regular monitoring:

    A portfolio manager will keep a close eye on the performance of each asset and the returns generated regularly. Based on this analysis, your investment is altered to meet your financial objectives.

    The Portfolio Management Service allows you to sit back, relax, and reap benefits from your investments.

Why should you opt for portfolio management services?

You should consider PMS if:

  • You have a high net worth.

  • You have limited knowledge about investment and the procedure involved.

  • You do not have the time to monitor and rebalance your investment.

  • You are unaware of market volatility and ways to safeguard your investments in times of market uncertainty.

  • You are looking to diversify your investment to reap benefits across multiple asset classes such as stocks, debts, equities, and so on.

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